Not exactly the way we see ourselves as "Friends of the Giant's"  Members who join the "Friends of the Giants" as supporters who may or may not wish to be part of the Arboretum Committee but have the ability to give time on Maintenance and Fundraising, while having full access to the facilities of the Arboretum for only $20 per year. Junior Members are covered under this name and are not charged a fee until leaving school. Donations are always accepted.

School Plantings 

Wallerawang Public school conduct the first school planting (the school is situated just across the Lake) in 2009. Above a Sequoia and Below a Wollemi Pine. 

 Lithgow Public School conducted the second School Planting a Sequoia above and a Wollemi Pine below 2009.

member for Bathurst Paul Toole is joined by Katoomba High School and Lithgow High School on the 26th of October 2011. 

This pic is from Borneo, would love to know the species of tree! 

Travesty of Nature. 

Early Australian settlers fell another giant. 

Katoomba High School Support Unit visit 2012.

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