Member Daniel Holmes with tree no. 25 a Sequoiadendron gigantium 2008. 

Members of Lithgow Musical Society with their planting "Fred" a Sequoiadendron gigantium pendula. 

Members with tree 99 the first Alerce (fitzroya) in the Arboretum. 

Mark Watchorn, Fran and Tim Le Fevre with their family tree. Tim has worked tirelessly on the legal documents (leases etc.) for the Arboretum, at no charge. 

The Vidler family tree being planted by Junior Members Elizabeth and William and Dad Michael 2010. 

Mark Watchorn with the first Hoop pine in the Araucaria walk 2009. 

Bruce Ryan with the first of 7 Monkey Puzzle trees in the Arucaria walk area 2009. 

Mark Watchorn with the first of the twin Ponderossa Pines planted as a gateway to the Gigantium Corridor 2009. 

Mark Watchorn, Recording Secretary Pam Dwyer and Daniel Holmes planting a Sequoia semprevirons in the Semp' Grove 2009. 

Mark Watchorn at the planting of the first Abies grandis 2009. 

Mark with one of the sites many Sequoia semprevirons in the Red Wood grove 2010. 

Member Josh Egan with a Sequoiadendron gigantium on the "Tops" at the entrance to the Gigantium Grove 2010. 

On Saturday 11th December 2010, Members of Lithgow Garden Club came to the Arboretum to plant their donated tree, a very well advanced Sequoia semprevirons. 

Above and below: The first two Buthan Cypruss with Mark. 

Pictured with the Dunn family tree (73) are Mark Watchorn, Chloe, Richard, Caitlin and Elaine Dunn. January 2011.

Arboretum members were delighted to host John Waters ( one of Australias most enduring and respected Actors) to plant his Sequoia in the Gigantium Grove. Februrary 2011. 

The new Point Picnic area still under construction under the 1914 / 15 English Oak planted when troops left for WW1 September 2011 

New areas being prepared for planting September 2011. 

Aaron, Nigal and Leham Baker with their Family Tree a rare Jeffrey Pine 8 / 10 / 2011

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Federal Member John Cobb with his patrons tree.

 Above are the members of Lithgow Garden Club at the planting of a memorial tree planted in memory of Hellen McGinnes a past President of the Club and much loved member of the Lithgow community and supporter of the Arboretum.

 Lithgow High School 

Planting their Wollemi Pine on the 26th October 2011

Al Ritchie pays his respects at Hellen's tree and shows what it could look like one day. 

Katoomba High School  Joined by Member for Bathurst Paul Toole for their planting a Sequoia semprevirons on the 26th October 2011

 The Lease signing with Luke Welfare, Mark Watchorn, Michelle Blackley, Bruce Ryan and Delta CEO Greg Everett.

Hellen McGinnes' family at the planting. 

Above planting the "Tree of Learning" are  Karen Brown (from Lithgow Public School) Maurie Mulheron (NSWTF President) Michael Morgan and Mark Watchorn from Lithgow High school

Michael Morgan and Mark Watchorn from Lithgow High school January 2015


Above Pictured planting the Maratime Mining and Power Credit Union are Roslyn Francis ....


 These three English oaks (Quercus Fastigata) were planted in memory of Benedict Ingram-Morgan, Peter Ingram and for Trish Morgan          
planted in September 2015 by Trish Morgan, Mike Morgan Mark Watchorn and Bruce Ryan

 Mark Watchorn with the first of 2 Illawarra plums August 2014.

 Bruce Ryan with the second Casurina cunninghamiana (She Oak) in the Endemic Trees Area. September 2014.

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