Picture Gallery


The twin Oaks in Autumn 2008.


Co - Founders Bruce Ryan and Mark Watchorn plant the No. 1 tree. 

The Arboretum's great new tractor 2011 which was bought with the slasher / mower / trailer combo' form a grant gained from Community Building Partnerships Program (NSW Government) and will allow the volunteers to upgrade and upkeep the site.  

Mark Watchorn took the two pictures above on his visit to the USA in 1994. 

 Sequoiadendron gigantium in the USA which have inspired our Gigantium Grove and Corridor. 

The Giant Eucalyptus regnans of Australia of which there were many over 120m tall, now few exist over 100m.  

Lake Wallace is a picturesque man made lake with no motor boats allowed, though the many sailing vessles add colour to the spectacle. 

Over 150 of the worlds greatest giant and long living species have already been planted though we still seek the Bristlecone pines (above) the Mountain Hemlock and Western Juniper to name but a few.

Many of the beautiful flowering Eucalypts are well established in the Australian Trees Area. 

 A corridor of Sequoiadendron gigantium* is currently being planted and we hope will look something like this row. (*Wellingtonia in the UK)

 Fitzroya Cupressoides (Alerce) from South America.

Arboretum trees 99 and 100 are Fitzroyas and were much prized aquisitions.

 The great "Tane Mahuta" of New Zealand (Agathis australis). The Arboretum have just aquired 6 tube stock sized Agathis and will be planting them in a small grove in the Arucaria Walk Area along with the already established Wollemi Pine and Monkey Puzzle groves.

 Mark Watchorn and Girish Dave (BPGTA members)meet the Giant Sequoia at the Botanic Gardens in Queenstown New Zealand 2006.

Three Arboretum members Janet and Hirell Ryan and Dot Williams (1914 - 2014) with one of the Gigantium in the Botanic Gardens at Queenstown New Zealand 2010.

A view of the trees in the Botanic Gardens Queenstown New Zealand 2010 

Junior Member Eathan Lyons with two of the giant E. Pilularis near Lauriton NSW Australia September 2010. 

One of the giant sequoia on the lake edge Queenstown New Zealand 2010.  

Treasurer Mark Watchorn nods his head while Vice President Andrew Henry hits it! 

Spectacular but what is an octopus tree?

 Hard to believe that we still cut wonders like these down!

Alerce (Fitzroya cupressoidies) the great South American Giant also known as the Inca Tree. 

Communing with the Giants 

Swamp cypress, the arboretum has several flat water side areas where they will feature. 

Madagasgar, the wonderful Baobab trees. We are unable to grow these trees at the Arboretum because our frosts are too cold. We are trying the australian Baobab and have hopes that they will live.

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